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"GEM Integrated Framework Tools" or The GIFT for short...

 ...a comprehensive collection of high-tech tools, The GIFT platform  is built on  a proprietary methodology  and state-of-the-art innovative components that Global Energy Matters can quickly deploy to create  sustainable living communities around the globe, enabled and supported by GEM global partners in conjunction with local community based partners.

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Renewable Energy Technology... at the heart of our GIFT Ecosystem, enabling access to clean water, lighting, hygienic and sanitation system, and small to large scale power generation  (i.e. solar) for developing communities.  Our Solutions are cost effective and can be rapidly deployed for families, businesses, governmental infrastructure as well as urban and rural communities.

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Solar for Homes                                          Solar for Business                                              Solar for Communities and Cities

Working with GEM's consultancy arm we will architect the relevant infrastructure, partners and technology utilizing the GIFT ecosystem, in the following areas, to create a lasting impact on the communities we serve:

Daily Living Infrastructure

Technology Infrastructure

Capacity Building  Infrastructure

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