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What We Do

Connecting The Dots

GEM builds-up and modernizes communities around the globe by deploying resources of GEM and it's partners using a comprehensive platform called GEM Integrated Framework Tools or The Gift for short

Consulting, Development and Integration

The GIFT platform can be quickly deployed to develop sustainable communities around the globe, enabled and supported by GEM and its global partners.

Our consulting services assure that your needs are fully understood and crafted into a strategy that results in the deployment of solution(s) that greatly impact your community. 


Our development and integration services, backed by over 100 years of operational business experience on a local, national and global scale, assure that the GIFT technology-based tools can effectively impact urban communities in the US as well as rural communities in such places as Ghana.

GEM will leverage innovative solutions such as vertical farming; partnerships with companies to deploy energy technologies such as solar; and thought leadership and advisory on how innovative technologies can address human development such as access to clean water; economic growth, education, entrepreneurialism and a safe and healthy place to raise families.

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