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Global Energy Matters 

Consultancy Services


Connecting The Dots

GEM’s Thought Leadership and Strategy planning identifies the operational means by which communities and GEM can work together with our ecosystem of partners to begin a process of transforming urban and rural places into lasting sustainable community that can reposition themselves  as innovative model for other urban and rural communities to follow suit.


Solar Energy is a Key Enabler...

As much as 194GW of solar PV could be installed globally in 2021.  Half a trillion US dollars were pumped into renewables developer projects, systems and businesses last year as governments set out new targets to decarbonize energy systems.  This was the first time investment into the energy transition has hit $500 billion, Bloomberg New Energy Finance said, with investment in renewables in particular rising by 2% year-on-year, it said, with the sector attracting US$303.5 billion in funding.


GEM Leadership has 10+ Years of Solar Development, Finance and Construction Management Experience including a Global Network of Partners to deploy solar solutions anywhere on the globe.


The “Arrested Development” of individuals, families, and communities spanning many decades has inspired GEM.​

  • GEM  provides Thought Leadership on human development, economic growth, education and entrepreneurial programs within urban and rural communities;

  • We enable local business, government, communities and families to build sustainable communities;

  • We advise local and national governments on their renewable energy strategies.

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